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您是否正在考虑重新装饰一下您的新家或办公室?您是否正计划开一个画廊来展示您的画作?您是否想为手中的中国国画,书法作品,刺绣,或美丽的丝巾装裱一个画框?您是否想为您的油画, 婚纱照, 证书,风光摄影照片,或孩子珍贵的毕业照配饰一个美丽的相框?您是否想为您的珠宝,面具,硬币,T恤或其它值得纪念的小物件镶一个合适的展示箱框?






住宅和办公室挂画装框, 传统裱框, 现代裱框, 玻璃裱框, 中国国画裱框, 书法裱框, 刺绣裱框, 油画裱框, 婚照裱框, 证书裱框, 木框中西式画框, 图片装框, 画廊,及用于展示珠宝,面具,硬币或其他小物件等的展示箱框。


Our business covers Residential Wall Paintings Framed; Office Picture Framed; Traditional Framed; Modern framed; Glass framed; Traditional Chinese Painting Framed; Calligraphy Framed; Embroidered Framed; Oil Painting Framed; Wedding Pictures Framed; Certificate Framed; Woodstock Western-style Picture Framed; Mounted Picture and Framed; Art Gallery; and Shadow Box Framed.

Moulding & Mat Boards


我们也会考虑您的预算。 每件产品都物有所值。

We offer a wide selection of mouldings to appeal to all of your framing projects. Our range of traditional, modern and contemporary mouldings will be sure to capture your attention. Quality is important to us, we are proud that we can provide you with a high quality picture frame, and make your art work more perfect.

We will also consider your budget. Every product is value for money.



我们的目标是为您提供定制的框架,让您珍贵的作品焕然一新,同时增强您的装饰。 如果您需要进一步的搜索帮助,请访问我们的展厅


We aim to provide you with customized frames that give your cherished works a fresh, new look while enhancing your décor. If you require further assistance with your search, come and visit us at our showroom.

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